College Visits

College Visit: U of O

By Claire Buehler, Series Editor

U of O

Location: Eugene

Enrollment: 24,125 (undergraduates-20,552 graduates-3,573)

Acceptance Rate: 75%

SAT/ACT: N/A for new SAT, and 22-27 ACT

Tuition: 25,524

Division 1 Athletics- Pac 12 Conference

Mascot: The Oregon Duck

School Colors: Green and Yellow

After visiting the U of O, I was more impressed than I thought I would be. The atmosphere was very welcoming, and friendly, and the faculty seems really committed to not just educating their students, but making sure their students are set up for success. While the school’s location being in Oregon, and having typical Oregon weather, the University does a great job architecturally by having many big windows throughout all of campus, letting in a lot of light, which I thought was a great way of lighting classrooms naturally. There was many programs I learned about as well while touring at the U of O such as the outdoors program, club sports, and almost any other hobby you could think of. The U of O was a great school to visit, and an affordable state school.


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