College Visits

College Vist: Lewis & Clark

By Ana Orlowsky, Journalist

Name: Lewis and Clark College

Location: Portland, Oregon USA

Enrollment: Fall of 2015, 2,209 students

Acceptance Rate: 66%

SAT/ACT average scores: 1800-2050

Price of Tuition and Fees: $45,104

Athletic Division: Division 3

Mascot: Pioneers

School Colors: Black and Orange

Other information: There are no fraternities.


   In the grand scheme of things, Lewis and Clark aired on the art side of education. Each of the tour leaders had dabbled in one of the art minors/majors provided at Lewis and Clark. This is not to say that they do not have an excellent science program. Other than the arts and science portion of their academic curriculum they also have a wide variety of historical, philosophical type of majors. For more information on the majors/minors at Lewis and Clark you can visit, it will provide you with a more detailed representation of the educational side of things other than the broad topics of science and history. Other than the academic side of things the campus was absolutely gorgeous, and spacious. Everything was no more than a five minute walk away, with the student center being in the middle of everything. The vibe I got from the students leading the tour was that they were very inclusive of everyone. A majority of the dorm floors were co-ed, with even the bathroom being intermixed. Although there were a few floors pointed out that were strictly one sex floors, or had single sex bathrooms. Lewis and Clark was definitely a free-flowing atmosphere, brought in check by the willingness to learn.


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