Diversity Profiles – March

Interviews by Bianca Bermejo : Journalist

Hannah Aguirre




What are you involved in?

I’m involved and cross-country, track and Youth Ending Slavery

How did you get involved in those activities?

I started running at a young age and I just kept running. As for youth ending slavery I enjoy learning about modern day slavery, my sister is president of the club, plus my she drives me to school

There anything that you would have liked to be involved with but couldn’t? If so, why?

I would have liked to do earth club because it looks really cool but I couldn’t because I do sports after school and earth club is an after school club.

What are some goals that you have set up for yourself?

I’d like to go to college in the future, as well as improve in running, it’d be really cool to do a lot of science.

How would you describe yourself to a total stranger?

I talk a lot and I like to run.


Esther Vega



What activities are you involved with in school and/or in your community?

I’m involved in Tennis, Running Cross-Country, Interact Club, which is an extension of Rotary and basically a volunteering club. Im also in NHS and in Equity Club.

How did you get involved in those activities?

I started playing tennis in the 4th grade, it’s been an on and off activity, but it’s always been part of my life. My friends are the ones who got me into Cross-Country and I made it to State this year. I got involved with Interact since my friend Mitchell Farris is the Club President.

Is there anything you’ve wanted to get involved in, but couldn’t? Why?

Pretty much any after school program, like the school newspaper or Adelante Chicas, but it would be a little crazy with the sports I’m participating in

What are some goals you have set up for yourself?

In school want to graduate valedictorian, and want to be more involved her in school. Hopefully next year when things calm down a little bit.

In the future I want to get into a good school, hopefully full ride or one where they give me a lot of money. I want to study computer science, which I learned about when I want to camp and learned about patterns and problem solving.

What are some of your motivations?

My parents are a huge motivation. They both have worked hard in their lives, through tough beginnings to now having degrees, to give me the opportunities I have now. They taught me, “If you work hard, you get great results”

As an athlete, my motivation is to be improving, and be better that i was last season.

How would you describe yourself to a total stranger?

I’m very loud. I’m persistent. I’m driven; if I want it, I’m going to do it.

Is there anything else you think people should know about you?

I’d want them to know that even though it seems like I have everything under control, I’m just as stressed as anybody else out there.


Edgar Sanchez



What are you Involved with her in school or in your community?

I’ve been president of earth club for 2 years, this year I’m president of field trip club,and last year I was secretary of culinary club , I’m still involved in culinary club, i just didn’t have space to take any more leading roles in my schedule. In my community I’m about to finish my last term of being the Student Representative for the Forest Grove Sustainability Commision, I’m also on the leading board of a non-profit called the Dairy Creek Community Food Web, and I’m in another group called Community Collaborations, which does a lot of group projects and talks about a variety of issues in the community.

How did you get involved in those activities?

It all started with the Commission, once you’re part of a big group, you start meeting new people and learning of different opportunities, and you start finding groups that interest you. So that basically what i did, i just found things that i was interested in and i joined.

Is there anything you have ever wanted to get involved in but couldn’t? Why?

I wanted to do french 3 and AP Chem, but i couldn’t fit that into my schedule since i ended up taking AP Bio and APES, which I’m really glad i did. As for clubs, i really wanted to do archer since its new, but i couldn’t since they met on Field Trip Club days. My interest in joining FFA has waned a bit, but i’m still interested in what they’re doing, and what their organization works for. I definitely wanted to be involved in more Board of Commissions, like the Board of Sustainability for one year, and join another the next, just get to know all the organizations that make up the city and the government. I also wanted to know more city roles such as the city engineer, manager, assistant manager, and get to know that aspect. I also would have liked to have been more involved in city events, mostly because as a freshman i stayed in my house every day. I would have liked to have taken advantage of the skill development, information, and opportunity to make connections to have as a resource. I would have liked to be involved with a summer program at PCC just to learn, it would have been a great thing to do over the summer. I’m still satisfied with what i have accomplished.

What are some goals you have set up for yourself?

After freshman year, i realized how much i could accomplish, so i decided that i would set myself up for success by taking more AP classes, trying my hardest, getting good grades,and getting involved in more organizations. Because her in school if you don’t get involved, you’ll have that mentality of hating school. Doing good and getting involved was a huge goal ending High School.

As for college, I’d like to do research in my field interest which is Environmental Engineering, i want to solve issues pertaining to environmental science, chemistry, biology, culture, engineering and go toward fixing the big issues that we face today like climate change and ocean acidification. Its also an interest of mine to get involved in government, like the local legislators, governor, county, city and see what opportunities lie for getting more citizens to input their voice, and get the word out that these elected officials are there to listen to them. Because of the diversity in America, it’s important that all people know that their voices have that same value as their fellow citizens. Being a voice for the minority population is a really good thing.

I like the flute, and I want to keep playing it, since it’s something i live

I want to be an environmental engineer, to help bettering technology to help the industries. Making ourselves more independent of Oil and help with the transition from oil to more renewable energy which will help us in the long run

What are some of your motivations?

Im passionate about these issues with the thought that this is a worldwide human issue, where all people are affected by human activities. it’s our responsibility to ensure our young people can live in a world where they can strive and create a better life for themselves without our actions acting as implication in their futures.

How would you describe yourself to a total stranger?

I have no life, and Im just really eager to help people, get to know them and im really open

Is there anything else you would like people to know?

I’m eager to meet anyone new, i think now in society it has become a regular thing to not stop and say hi, or start a conversation, that seclusion has divided us. I’m really open and I encourage anyone to be open and widen their views on people, because if they open their views and are more welcoming, i think that that’s a key to success right there. The world is filled with different people and if you want to be successful you are going to have to work with those people.



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