Faris Buehler

Faris Buehler: AP Classes

By Claire Buehler and Mitchell Faris, Series Editors


Dear Faris Buehler,

I am a student forecasting for next year’s classes. I was wondering if you think it is a good idea to be taking AP classes or not. I’m not sure how hard they are, and don’t really know how different it is from other classes. Please help me Faris Buehler.


A Hopeless Student


Dear Hopeless Student,

Overall, taking AP classes is a very good idea; they challenge you more than regular or even Honors classes. Although some courses can include many essays, labs, and projects, they benefit you greatly in the future. AP courses contain tons of content that is taught to cover the topics of the AP Exam for each specific course. AP Exams are in the first half of May and give you the opportunity to earn college credit! Depending on the college, your scores can replace a college course that you possibly could have taken before you demolished your AP Exam. For example, if you took the AP Calculus AB Exam and received a score of 4, colleges like UO or OSU would take that score and treat it like a Calculus 1 or 2 college course. Then, if or when you go to UO or OSU, you wouldn’t have to take that math course because you already have the credit! It’s basically like you’re starting college before you even graduate high school! If you’re up for a challenge and enjoy a subject, go ahead and take an AP class, it will pay off in the future!



Faris Buehler


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