College Visits

College Review: UC Santa Barbara

Written by Helen Thias

College visit: UC Santa Barbara

Location: Santa Barbara

Enrollment: 23,051

Enrollment: 36.1%

SAT: No data for new test. Scores of those admitted for fall of 2015 scores; Critical Reading 629, Math 665, Writing 643

ACT: 27-29

Out of State Tuition and Fees: $38,573

Instate Tuition and Fees: $13,865

Division 1 -Athletics -Pac 12 Conference

Mascot: Gauchos (Olé )

School colors: Blue and Gold
UC Santa Barbara was the last of three schools I visited over spring break and was about triple the size of the other schools I visited. Even though it’s a massive school, they make sure that every student is catered to one way or another. They offer a plethora of extracurriculars, from division 1 sports, adventure outings, to cupcake club, it truly Opportunities are definitely a perk of the big school. Along with the extracurriculars, they have lots of connections to the community that will help you land internships and jobs. Unfortunately, I visited when the students were on break and the day after acceptance letters went out, so it was far from being a normal day. Because of this, they were only offering presentations and self-guided tours, which I didn’t get a ton out of. The architecture seemed a little 70s and not exactly appealing. But while the architecture itself was not a highlight, the views were incredible. You can have a dorm room with an ocean view! And being able to study on a sunny beach that’s literally just outside your door sounds like a complete dream. Overall it’s a great school especially if you’re interested in science, but is pricier than Oregon state schools.


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