College Visits

College Review: Whitman College

Written By Mira Zimmerman, Opinion Editor

Name: Whitman College

Location: Walla Walla Washington (Very small wine/food town)

Enrollment: 1,500

Acceptance Rate: 42% (According to website- I suspect much lower)

SAT/ACT average scores: 1970/30

Price of Tuition and Fees: $44,800

Athletic Division: 3 (Not a prominent athletics program)

Mascot: None (Formerly the Missionaries, but was dropped for it’s religious/cultural exclusions)

School Colors: Navy Blue and Maize

Other information: Liberal Arts, no religious affiliation, greek system


I had very high expectations about Whitman and was very disappointed with my experience. However, I loved the ideologies of the school- there was a very clear focus on creativity and learning to think critically that really fit my idea of a good educational environment. The campus was beautiful, the students seemed happy, the facilities and programs good. If you want to go into computer technology or engineering, Whitman is likely not the place for you. They do have some programs in place for CS majors and engineering majors, but they involve attending other schools and an extra year for a degree. My disappointment was in my class visit, and while it might have just been a one time event, the professor was just as uninterested and lacking as the students. It was worse than some of the classes I sit through daily. Again, it might have been a bad day or perhaps even a bad 50 minutes. I think the college has potential, especially for the literature/history interested, outdoorsy, small town type- of which I personally am not. I think this could be a fantastic college for many people, but it will certainly not be for me.



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