Softball: Season Update

By Sierra Gundersen, Writer

Our team may be relatively young, as it is comprised of 5 sophomores (a majority of whom make up our starting lineup) and only 2 seniors, but we are just as much of a competitor as anyone else if not more so. The Viking softball team has always been held to high standards of greatness, as we have made the playoffs 23 out of the past 24 years, along with being the only team sport in Forest Grove High School’s history to have won a state championship. Through pouring rain, icy winds, lightning strikes partnered with claps of thunder, and boiling temperatures we have battled our way through this season.

Your Forest Grove High School softball team started off the season in good standings. We started off our season outscoring our first two opponents alone 29-3. Our preseason was rounded out well with a record of 4-2. We also ended our preseason on a particularly exhilarating high note of knocking down the reigning state champions Tualatin 8-6.      

            Coming off of that momentous win helped us to pack away two more wins in our first two games of regular league play, again outscoring Sprague and North Salem 38-10. After the first few games of league play we hit a bit of a rough patch, dropping a few games that we should have easily won. Though the first half of league play has been a bit rough, we plan on coming out strong through the second round of league play and dominating just as we know how. Our team works well together and we all trust and have enough confidence in one another to be able to come back strong in the rest of our season. With the help from our truly dedicated coaches, Tusow, Takahashi, Brosig and Lee, we are sure to come away with even more W’s hanging next to the Viking name. We are definitely still in contention for that coveted playoff spot and hope to continue the legacy that is Forest Grove High School softball.



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