School News

Chapman University College Review

By: Helen Thias 

Name: Chapman University

Location: Orange, California

Enrollment: 7,982

Acceptance Rate: 44.7

Average ACT: 25-29

Tuition and other fears: $64,650

Athletic Divison: 3

Mascot: Panther

School Color: Grey and Cardinal

Other Info: Chapman is 12 minutes away from Disneyland, because of this many students get an annual pass!
Chapman University had a very academic focus, but still maintained a lively environment. The school had a real campus feel while also being in a very central location, which hasn’t been something I have found at other schools. They seemed to have an event for every day, and if you weren’t feeling the ones the school was putting on, you could hop over to Disneyland or the beach just as quickly. It really did feel that everyone had something they could be part of, whether that is a business fraternity, social government, or burnt marshmallow club (yes, they really do have that club!). The big school at Chapman is their Dodge School of Film, but all of their courses seemed strong. Overall, I felt it struck the perfect balance of medium size private school and it had the opportunity of a big school but personal feel of a small school.


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