College Visits

College Visit: Linfield College

Written by Claire Buehler


Location: McMinnville

Enrollment: 1,700  (undergraduates-20,552 graduates-3,573)

Acceptance Rate:

SAT/ACT: 21-26 (ACT) 970-1180 (SAT)

Tuition: 38,300

Division 3 Athletics

Mascot: Wildcats

School Colors: purple and red


Linfield college is a liberal arts college located in the small town of McMinnville. It is a relatively small school only hosting about 1700 students, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well the campus was spread out. Visiting I learned that Linfield has an 11:2 student to teacher ratio, and an average class size of 16. This means that students attending have a relationship with the professors there, and can ask for help if needed which I thought was great. Linfield also offers around 40 different majors and minors, so there is a large number of options for all students. One of my favorite things about Linfield was that they have around 50% of their students studying abroad for 4 months which I would love to do sometime in my college career. Overall, visiting Linfield was a great opportunity, and it’s a great school for students who are looking at smaller schools.



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