Art Preview 2016

By Tara Palazuelos, Arts Editor

Forest Grove High School is riddled with talent that can be found on stage, in the art studio, during a poetry slam, or at one of the many concerts put on by the arts department. This year is no exception, from drama to band this year is going to be one for the books so let’s take a look at what to expect from your arts department this coming school year.

The music department begins the school year by adding a percussion class to the roster. This class that takes place during sixth block is dedicated to the development of an in sync ensemble ready for anything Mr.Schlazer throws their way; be it in the form of pep band music, music for band, or ensemble work. Meanwhile Ms. Nuñez continues her fantastic work with the orchestra and continues to strengthen and grow the program in her second year at FGHS. As always Mr. Berdahl continues working with his three choral ensembles in refining their sound while simultaneously planning this year’s Homecoming dance. All three teachers are currently working on new music for the upcoming November concert that will feature the entire music program as well as learning music for the upcoming veterans day assembly.

The drama department is performing the stage production of High School Musical featuring Hannah Berdahl and Hyrum Hansen as Gabriella and Troy. The beloved Disney show hits the stage on November 11th and will run for two weekends. I can’t wait to see the wildcats bop it to the top.

As the school year progresses keep an eye out for displays of art from our arts department. Beautiful artwork created by Vikings tends to be showcased.  If you happen to spot some take a look at what you could be creating in Photography or Studio Art. Who knows maybe those creations will inspire you to explore your creative side in one of the art classes offered by Mr. Thias and Ms. Swoboda.

Along with the many opportunities for involvement during the school hours for artistic involvement there are many clubs and events that will be in full swing this year. If you’re interested in developing your acting skills get involved with Drama club. Writing more your thing? Attend a poetry club or newspaper meeting. Maybe, the kinesthetic arts are your preference- fret not, art club would be just the thing for you. Don’t forget that the Mariachi band that started last year will be brought back this year under the guidance of  Ms. Nuñez.

The opportunity for involvement in the arts is not lacking and I urge each and every one of you to attend an event, be it Open Vik Night, or a concert. You won’t regret seeing the magic your peers create through art.



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