Faris Buehler

Faris Buehler: October 2016

By Mitchell Faris and Claire Buehler

Dear Faris Buehler,


I have tried a few things from the Viking Cafe, but I want to branch out and get something else. Any recommendations?



Coffee Drinker


Dear Coffee Drinker,


Luckily half of this Faris Buehler team is a coffee drinker too, so you’re in good shape. My “go tos” at the Viking Cafe are always a flavored latte of some sort. Caramel and Vanilla are my personal favorites though. If you’re feeling something different I suggest branching out and trying a zebra mocha, or if you’re not in a coffee mood, their chai lattes are very good. Honestly, anything you get at the viking cafe will be delicious, they do a great job of making their drinks. Hopefully this helps with your coffee search.



Faris Buehler


Dear Faris Buehler,


What are the best things to do on a day off of school?



Your Biggest Fan


Dear Biggest Fan,


Great question! The first thing you want to do on your day off is climb into your ferrari with your two best friends, and head to Chicago. From there go to the top of the Sears Tower. It is one of the prettiest views of the city, and everyone looks like little ants from up that high. Next, pay a visit to the stock market to check out all of the people yelling. After seeing that craziness, a relaxing walk through the art museum is exactly what you need. Maybe find a elementary class visiting, link arms with them for a while, and enjoy the gorgeous works of art. By this time it’s early afternoon and I’m sure you’ll be hungry. The restaurant you HAVE to go to is called, “Chez Quiz”. It’s pretty hard to get into without a reservation, so you might have to peep the reservation list, and be “The Sausage King of Chicago” for lunch (make sure you have a good accent). Chicago has a superb baseball team known as the Chicago Cubs, so you’re going to want to go to at least part of a game with your friends after lunch. See if you can get there in time for the 7th inning stretch. As you’re walking through the streets of Chicago afterwards, hopefully you will come across a huge parade. This is your time to shine. Find some different floats to ride on, and maybe belt out a song or two. Twist and shout is my personal favorite. After this long day of fun adventures you and your friends are probably getting tired..it’s time to go home. After you return home to your friends house with the ferrari, you’re going to want to get rid of the miles you put on it. Go ahead and run the car in reverse for a few minutes and they will be gone. As long as you make it home, you’ve officially completed a great day off. Hopefully you can get through it with no troubles, I guarantee it will be one to remember. Have fun!



Faris Buehler



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