Fall Sports

The New Viking Football

By Diego Ruiz Diaz and Austin Brown

Imagine if you will… Friday night lights, two minutes left in the game. Your FG Vikings already up by a touchdown over the North Salem “Vikings”. We drive down and score another touchdown, and we’re up by 14 with 45 seconds left. The taste of victory is sweet after the losing streak that plagued our season, and overconfidence begins to creep into our heads; we let them return the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown. They don’t capitalize on the momentum swing, however, the team stands divided after the final whistle blows. Some are satisfied with just a win while others feel our performance was unacceptable. Arguments break out: pushing, shoving, and shouting, and coaches step in. It feels like it was all just swept under the rug, which only increases the tension. Now imagine the underclassmen playing witness, watching their varsity role models reduced to bickering children, fighting about petty things and further dividing the team which all year has preached unity and family. All are in agreement, this is not how a team should be.

Now those same underclassmen are seniors and young varsity starters who have the chance to start something new in the Viking football program, and we are. This 2016 season of football marks the laying of a foundation for not only Viking football but Viking athletics. There have been a few things wrong with the football program, which has shunned prospective athletes for too long, and our goal for this year is to fix every single one.


  1. Disunion: Any athlete who has played at least one season of football at Forest Grove will tell you something along the lines of, “there’s just no team atmosphere.” Well, if that same athlete is playing right now or were to come back, what they would find is a family, a brotherhood, a group of guys who love each other and give each other their all for the same goal.
  2. Attitude: The game of football is very special because it is one of the few sports where the winner is not picked by the biggest, strongest, or fastest but by those who work the hardest and have the attitude to take on any opponent without fear or despair. This is one of the key things that has been missing from FG in almost all sports; we must take on everything with a winning attitude. Just because FG isn’t an athletic powerhouse doesn’t mean we can’t be good. It doesn’t matter what the past held or what the present holds but rather how hard you will work to make the future you want possible
  3. Depth: Even a team made up of the most hard-nosed group of fighters with an attitude of, “we can win anything,” will struggle if they do not have the numbers. That really is the point of this article: we want to show the school that FG football means so much more now than it has in the past. It’s no longer a bunch of semi-good athletes who think they’re all that because they wear a jersey on Fridays. FG football now represents a place where kids can go for family and hard work. And anyone is welcome to join as long as you’re willing to work hard


In conclusion, with a new head coach, a new attitude, and a new group of leaders, FG football is on its way to something completely new. For the first time in a while, our team understands the importance of family and hard work when trying to be successful. We no longer get down about losses on the scoreboard and instead strive to win on the field. Also, this is the first time for many of us that football has been enjoyable for more than a few times out of the season because we now play with a purpose and a belief that we can be much better, as well as take on every challenge and new day with smiles on our faces. Ask any senior, and they will tell you that there is something different about this season and that every day brings something new and exciting that only deepens their love for the game and their teammates. So come join and be a part of the movement.


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