Election Results

By Sofie Dobberfuhl

November 8th, 2016 was Super Tuesday, and the results are in: Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States of America. While losing the popular vote 47.5% to 47.7%, Trump was surprisingly projected to win 279 of the electoral votes after winning over key states such as Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, making him the president-elect. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton conceded the following morning.

Within Oregon, Trump lost the popular vote 41% to 52%, but won 28 out of 36 counties. The most notable aftermath in our communities included protests in Portland shutting down I-5 and MAX stations, as well as an incident involving the suspension of 2 Silverton High School students at a pro-Trump rally. At FGHS, a student attempted to hang a Trump banner on Wednesday, and was stopped by a teacher. A fight broke out at lunch on Thursday over another FGHS student hanging the Mexican flag in retaliation.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives were also won by the Republican Party, with 51 Republicans to 48 Democrats in the Senate, and 239 to 193 in the House. Oregon legislation is majority Democrat, with 17 to 13 in the Senate and 35 to 25 in the House.

Kate Brown (Democratic party) is now Oregon’s governor, and Dennis Richardson (Republican party) is Secretary of State.

Lastly, in Oregon, all measures have been passed except for 94 and 97. Measure 94 would have eliminated mandatory retirement age for state judges, while 97 would have increased the minimum tax for corporations and funded education, healthcare, and senior services.


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