November Horoscopes

By Helen Thias

November Horoscopes


Scorpio: The Friendly Turkey



You’ve been feeling distant from your friends lately. Not by choice, but because you’ve been busy with school work and other responsibilities, but don’t worry, as the Sun moves into your sign this month, this will all change. You will finally gain balance between work and fun, make sure you enjoy it; it may not last long. Take Thanksgiving break to catch up with pals and gobble up some pie.

Sagittarius: The “Sleeping” Turkey



You’ve been feeling exhausted lately, your schedule has been “stuffed”, and you don’t know how much longer you can keep going without crashing. Keep pushing a little longer and it will be rewarded with some lavish resting time over the break! You love spending time with people and going on adventures, but it’s equally important to have some you time; make sure you are very conscience about how you are feeling this month.

Capricorn: The Wise Turkey

(Dec.22-Jan. 19)


You are always thinking and planning a million things, which can often cause you to get stressed to the point where it feels like your head might pop off! You need to learn to let go some and know that good things will still come. Your ambitions are especially high this month, but try  not to let it fly too high, try funneling them into a fun project or something to alleviate stress. After the break, expect to hear some big news on something you’ve been working towards for a while.

Aquarius: The Basic Turkey



November is the best month for you because it allows you to indulge in all of your basic tendencies without feeling any shame. Uggs and Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or Peppermint Mochas) become practical to keeping you warm as the temperature cools down this month, finally the justification for them that you’ve been waiting all year for. It’s easy for you to get sucked into social media, which can create a negative bubble around you, so make sure you remember to log off once and awhile and enjoy the crisp air.

Pisces: The Giving Turkey



You are always willing to lend a hand to whoever needs it and you always try to make sure everyone is feeling their best. You also tend to feel strongly about everything which has made you want to fly the coop and head south or north or really anywhere but here this past election season. Break could not come soon enough for you; make sure you use it wisely. Find activities that will make you feel whole. Since the sun is not in your sign this month you will need to create your own sunshine, maybe by doing some volunteering or just checking in with your friends.

Aries: The Excited “Turkey”



You always have extreme amounts of energy and like to spread positivity. You’ve never been much of a humble person, but that’s not always a bad thing, for the most part, it’s read as confidence by others, which makes you a great leader. Make sure you stay in tune with those around to make sure they are not feeling overwhelmed by your presence. Take your leadership and inspire others to go after their own dreams. A good opportunity for this would be over the break; maybe try doing some small nice things as a way of extending an olive branch.

Taurus: The Inraged Turkey



The littlest things lately have been putting you in a “fowl” mood, make sure you take a few deep breaths before you explode on someone. You tend to only focus on yourself, which can be troublesome when things aren’t working out too great, because it can feel like the whole world is ending. Over break, you’ll have time to find your inner peace, which will allow for you strong creative side to shine through.  

Gemini: The Laughing Turkey

(May.21-Jun. 20)


You’re always cracking jokes (which everyone gobbles up) and trying to cheer up all of your friends. Sometimes this means you don’t really deal with any true emotions that aren’t 100% happy. There has been a lot going on in your life that you’ve put aside to make others happy, but it’s time to finally express those emotions so you don’t start feeling resentment. Take the break to not only have a fun time with friends but also have that important heart to heart conversation that you may have been avoiding.

Cancer: The Side Dish



You often feel like the forgotten side dish of a thanksgiving feast. Everyone goes on and on about the Turkey and Mash Potatoes, often not appreciating the good ole’ traditional Jell-O. Usually, you’re pretty good about not being the center of attention, but it’s starting to get under your feathers. Be careful to not seem too petty, but make sure you don’t forget to advocate for yourself. Start speaking your mind when it comes to innovative ideas, and people will flock to you.

Leo: The Pardoned Turkey



You thrive in the spotlight, but have been feeling as though it hasn’t been shining as brightly on you lately. But don’t let that carve too far into you because soon all that you’ve done lately will finally be appreciated. Keep being 100% yourself and stand your ground when you know what is right, but make sure you’re able to listen to others views. Take a break to treat yo’ self and enjoy the changing weather.

Virgo: The Turkey Chili

(Aug.23- Sep.22)


You tend to prefer what you know and a certain level of comfort. This month has been a lot of change that you have not been prepared for, you’re looking forward for a halt in this. While, you are usually a kind and loving person, you don’t mind a bit of spicy gossip, but be careful to not spread these rumors too far; they could end up damaging some important relationships. Take the break to cuddle up in a warm blanket and enjoy a good book or movie. Remember to chill out once and awhile. 

Libra: The Country Turkey



You seek peace and harmony, but have been in a lot of conflict lately. This conflict will likely not end soon, but you will learn to overcome it and find your own sense of peace. Also, try to listen a little more, a lot of your conflicts could be avoided if you weren’t so confused all the time. While the conflict may not be over, try to alleviate the frustration of others also in the conflict. Take the break to find ways to be a better person–maybe it’s little things like positive notes to friends, or maybe it’s something bigger like signing up to regularly volunteer with an organization. You will ultimately feel better if you choose to do more for others.



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