Washington County Self-Defense

By Killian Lynch


Washington County is offering self-defense and situational awareness classes for women in the county. The aim of these classes is to teach women and girls that having a voice and being aggressive is okay and often admirable. These classes are available for women 14 years old and up. If you register and are 16 or younger, you are required to have an adult with you. Classes are taught by Deputies specializing in Defensive Tactics design. The classes will require physical engagement, so dress comfortably and wear appropriate shoes.

This is a great opportunity to ensure the safety of women in our community; a safety that is so often threatened. Offering classes to girls at such a young age is essential to decreasing the threat of assault among women as a whole. 66% of reported sexual assault victims are between the ages of 12-17, according to the RAINN website. The majority, but certainly not the entirety of these victims are girls. This is an action taken by the county that we should applaud and encourage.

If you are interested in registering, you can do so on the county website, where their online registration is available. All information regarding the classes can be found on that website as well. The classes are monthly, and registration begins 30 days prior to the classes. Two classes within the same week are offered, and you are required to attend both. They are during the evening and have been known to fill up quickly. If you’re interested in staying safe and spending a productive couple of evenings learning how to do so, give some thought to these classes. I can’t stress the importance of ensuring women’s safety enough.

County Website where more info is available:


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