School News


Written by Catalina Montelongo


Location: Prescott, AZ.

Enrollment:  A little over 2000.

Acceptance Rate: 80%

SAT/ACT: Average ACT is 24, new SAT is 1160.

Tuition: $34,662 + $10,468 for room/board.

Athletics: Part of the California Pacific Conference

Mascot: Ernie the Eagle

Colors: Blue and Gold

The first thing I fell in love with about Prescott was the star-freckled sky. We came in at night, and at an elevation of 5000 feet or so, the night was crystal clear. Then, as the day came in and I got to see the college and campus, it was clear that it was a beautiful place to be. Prescott, although in Arizona, stays fairly moderate without the scorching heat of the desert due to its elevation. However, they still see 300+ days of sun. Weather aside, the college itself was exciting, and although I wasn’t there for their aeronautical program, I couldn’t help but be taken in when visiting their wind tunnel lab, or their airport terminal control simulator. I never had an interest in getting a minor in something like unmanned aircrafts until I walked onto this campus. Embry Riddle is a school that’s not too small or too large, not too isolated but not too in-the-middle of a city, and seemed very well rounded to me. They offer a pretty specialized selection of coursework (such as Aeronautical Engineering or Global Security), but if it’s your niche, this college is a solid choice with what felt to me to be a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


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