Portland Holiday Symphony Review

Written by Ruby Van Dyk

My Family and I had the Pleasure of attending the Oregon Symphony last Month for their annual Holiday Pops Concert. The Show included The Pacific Youth Choir, which Forest Grove’s very own Tara Palazuelos is a member, as well as Doug Labrecque a well-known Broadway singer. The Symphony took place at the beautiful Arlene Schnitzer Hall in downtown Portland as it always does, but because it was a Holiday Pops Concert there was a much more lively upbeat atmosphere. Adorable little children dressed in Holiday dresses and trousers and ties were running up the spiral staircases, hiding from their parents and discussing Christmas presents. The general splendor of it all was almost enough for me to feel as though my money was well spent, but then the show started and I knew I was in for a treat.

I am a Holiday music enthusiast, to say the least. I don’t care if it’s Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Bing Crosby if it discusses snow or chestnuts I love it. This being said, I can also be a bit critical of Holiday Performances, so when I say I have blown away I really mean it. The Symphony was absolutely stunning from start to finish, I’m always mesmerized by their synchronization. The Pacific Youth Choir was flawless as well, joining in on some classic songs as they sat above the Orchestra. Doug Labrecque was a charming addition to the Concert, his powerful vocals and sense of humor livened up every song he joined in on.
If you enjoy music and a night out I highly recommend going to the Symphony’s next show. You can look at the upcoming shows on Even Though the Holiday Pops concert only happens once a year, there are all sorts of interesting and wonderful shows coming up. So bring your Grandma, your Mom, your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, whoever it is, I guarantee you’ll have a lovely night.


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