The New Presidential Cabinet

Written by Tara Palazuelos and Stevie Walker

President-elect, Donald Trump, will not be the only new face inaugurated in 2017. Along with the change of chief executive comes a change of Presidential Cabinet. The presidential cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments charged with advising the President. Donald Trump has been announcing his appointees, some of whom have garnered a fair amount of scrutiny from the public, and awaits senate confirmation for the majority of the cabinet. So, what does this change mean for the future of the cabinet as well as the executive branch? Hopefully, an examination of the appointees will offer some insight into the inner workings of Mr. Trump’s new office.


Secretary of State– Rex Tillerson

Bio: CEO of Exxon Mobile

The job of Secretary: The Secretary of State serves as the President’s chief adviser on foreign policy. They negotiate foreign affairs, carry out foreign policy, and inform Americans on the state of US foreign relations.







Secretary of the Treasury: Steven Mnuchin

Bio: Goldman Sachs Executive, Campaign Finance chairman for the Trump campaign.

The job of Secretary: The secretary of treasury must act as the chief economic advisor to the President. This role is integral to the success of any potential policies in ensuring the success of the economic and political cohesion of said policies, including the rewriting of tax codes.






Secretary of Defense: James Mattis

Bio: General Mattis led the United States Central Command from 2010-13. Congress would need to approve of him because he has been out of uniform for the past six years.

The Job of Secretary: General Mattis would be the president’s chief defense policy advisor and be in charge of the department of defense. In the case of Mattis, this could mean a decision regarding two major conflicts in the Obama administration’s defense department: including the integration of women fighting and transgender people’s rights to serve.


jeff sessions.jpg


Attorney General: Jeff Sessions

Bio: Senator of Alabama, proponent of immigration laws

The Job of Secretary: The attorney general is the nation’s top law enforcement official and lawyer for the government. They have the power to affect how civil rights laws are upheld.






Secretary of Energy: Rick Perry

Bio: Former governor of Texas. Perry once proposed scrapping the department of energy.

The Job of Secretary: The primary role of the secretary of energy is the safeguarding of the country’s nuclear weapon arsenal along with promoting and preserving the national, economic, and energy security of the U.S.






Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson

Former neurosurgeon and presidential candidate. Has stated his disinterest in working in a governmental position such as this one.

Job of Secretary: This department is in charge of fair housing laws and the development of affordable house housing and assistance. The Trump administration intends on giving tax breaks to developers.




Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos

Bio: Education Activist, Former Chairwoman of the Republican Party.

Job of Secretary: As the head of the department of education is in charge of administering federal education policies as well as coordinating federal assistance to education. While they are in charge of enforcing educational laws regarding civil rights, the secretary and department of education cannot establish schools or colleges.





Ambassador to the United Nations: Nikki Haley

Bio: Governor of South Carolina, a prominent critic of Trump and daughter of Indian immigrants.

Job Of Secretary: The ambassador is the largest face of America second to the secretary of state. The ambassador represents the country’s interests to the security council.






Secretary of the Interior: Ryan Zinke

Bio: Montana’s representative, former Navy SEAL commander.

Job Of Secretary: The secretary of the interior manages the conservation of land and natural resources. This includes public land development; oil, coal, and gas usage; and alternative energy exploration. Overseas the National Parks service and Federal Bureau of Land Management.



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