Faris Buehler

Faris Buehler: Senioritis

Written By Claire Buehler and Mitchell Faris 

Dear Faris Buehler,

I have a bad case of senioritis. Please help me.


A Hopeless Senior


Dear Hopeless Student,

It’s okay, we all do. The best cure for a bad case of senioritis is:

  1. Coffee. You may need a few cups a day.
  2. Treat yo’self. You’ve been working hard for almost four years, you deserve some treatin’
  3. Sleep. Make sure to get lots of sleep each night.
  4. Countdown. Remind yourself you’re almost there, to give yourself the motivation to keep going.
  5. And most importantly, GRADUATION. Be prepared to graduate. Get your cap and gown ready, classes done, and focus on the future!

Hopefully, these tips will help as you work through your last through months of high school. You can do it!



Faris Buehler



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