Jam The Gym

Written By Eleanor Schnorr 

      Renaissance Leadership put on a wonderful tropical themed Jam the Gym this year.  Students dressed in floral shirts, sunglasses, and leis, cheered on both the men’s and women’s basketball teams, as they played West Salem. Even though West Salem won both games it was an evening full of fun activities, prizes, and school spirit.

      A member of Renaissance leadership, Bianca Bermejo said the goal of Jam the Gym “was to promote school spirit and unify the student body and community.” Many families and younger students as well as FGHS students, attended and supported their fellow Vikings. Bermejo said she was happy with this year’s Jam the Gym turnout, and the community and students “genuinely enjoyed the night Renaissance worked to put together.”

      Renaissance Leadership is also putting on a book drive. It begins March 6th and goes until the start of Spring Break. The books will be donated to the elementary schools in the district. Both Spanish and English books are needed. So search for any old books on your shelves and support this great cause!



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