School News

Polar Plunge 2017

Written By Sofie Dobberfuhl 

     Last weekend on February 25th, a team of FGHS students “took the plunge” into the frigid waters of the Columbia River for Polar Plunge, a fundraiser for Special Olympics Oregon. As a nonprofit organization, Special Olympics Oregon provides sports training and athletic competitions for children, youth, and adults living with intellectual disabilities. At the high school, Unified sports include soccer, cross country, basketball, softball, and track & field. With Unity Through Diversity Week coming up on March 13th, the inclusivity and generally upbeat attitude found in Unified programs is an irreplaceable piece of the culture at FGHS.

A firsthand recount from one of the participants, Josie Myers:

How many times have you done the Polar Plunge?

This is my second time, I started doing it last year.

Do you plan to do the Polar Plunge next year?

Yes, I plan to return next year.

Would you recommend doing

What was your favorite part?

My favorite part is running into the water!

Josie is a junior at FGHS, and is currently involved in Unified soccer, basketball, softball, and theater.


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