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Stanford College Visit

Written by Maggie Hatt

Location: Stanford, California

Enrollment:16,336 (2016)

Acceptance Rate: 4.8%

SAT/ACT: 2100-2397/ 30-36 (highest percentage students accepted with scores in these ranges)

Tuition: around $67,000 per year*

Athletics: Division 1

Mascot: Cardinal

Colors: Cardinal and White

* As of this year, any student accepted whose annual family income is less than $125,00 per year will receive free tuition

Leland Stanford Junior University, located in it’s own tiny town of Stanford California, is a private research university just a BART ride away from San Francisco, and next door to Palo Alto. Visiting Stanford was amazing because I got to learn about all of the opportunities available to students who attend (including the opportunity to study abroad at no extra cost to the regular tuition and fees), all while walking around the beautifully designed campus. When you apply and are accepted to Stanford, you are accepted to all 5 of its undergraduate schools and have the chance to take courses taught in all different areas of interest. The school also has a 4-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, which allows for students to develop strong relationships with professors, and often get involved in their work. The class sizes at Stanford are somewhat large at the beginning of your freshman year, but the more specific a class you take is, the fewer students will be in it (and as you begin taking higher level classes, there will also be more intimate class sizes). One unique thing about Stanford is that they had houses based on cultural interest- French House, German House etc. where students who want to learn more about that culture can live with students who are from that country. This provides a unique opportunity to learn more outside of the classroom setting- and from peers. The campus was welcoming, almost literally breathtaking- I could feel something different about it when we drove down the main loop- and the hardworking atmosphere and students who are invested in learning and bettering themselves made the school even more ap


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