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Why you should run for ASB

Written By Helen Thais 

1.You have ideas on how to improve the school


Being in ASB means you want to make the school a better place to be. Maybe you want to improve the school by adding a new event, maybe you want to improve it by working on all school communication, whatever ideas you have for improving the school are valuable. School climate is important. If you have ideas for the school, you should consider running for ASB.

2. You want to help represent your peerszhnxjok

ASB stands for Associated student body, so being a leader in ASB means you are representing the student body. There are lots of groups that make up the student body, from choir kids, athletes, those interested in STEM, those not interested in STEM, and so much more. If you feel like as though not every group is being represented well and that you could be a good representative you should run.

3. You enjoy planning eventstumblr_nkpfvboyhy1qj4315o1_500

You have ideas for events. Maybe you’re going to be a junior and want to make prom amazing, maybe you want better assemblies, or maybe you want to create a totally new event. If you have ideas for doing so, join ASB!

4.You Like the way things have been going


Great, you like the way things are going this year and want to keep them that way for next year. Run for ASB and keep things going.

5.You dislike the way things have been going


Not a fan of the way things are being run at the high school? That’s okay, that means you get to be the change. Run for something and make an impact on the school.

6.You are creative


Not every position in ASB involves talking in front of people. Maybe you’re shy, but have great poster or decoration ideas, you should still run and share your ideas.

7.You want to work hard


You are willing to put time and effort into fulfilling your position. If you are thinking about running this is something you should seriously consider, are you willing to get the work required done? If not you will not only let down yourself, but also your peers.

8.You want something that will look good on college applications


Need something to buff up your college resume? Don’t let having zero leadership experience stop you from achieving acceptance to a place of higher education. Of course, you shouldn’t join ASB just for this reason, but leadership does look impressive to colleges. If you are college bound, you should try to show your leadership skills in some fashion.

9.You want a way to get more involved in your schoolshark2

You want to do more at the school? ASB is a great way to get involved, you will likely find yourself attending more events and getting hyped about them, because you have put time into planning them, so of course you’re going to want to see how they turnout.

10.You like working as a team


ASB is basically a group project, except instead of being on cell function or Africa, it’s planning spring fling or an assembly. If you like bouncing ideas off of others, discussing the best options, and working with others in general, ASB might be your thing.

11.You can see yourself being a good leadergiphy1

If you can picture yourself organizing events and meetings, speaking in front of the school, or improving school culture, that could indicate that you have the passion and skill set to be in ASB.

12.You care about the school


You care about forest grove high school and all of your peers. You want to make sure the school is a fun and safe place for everyone


*if you are interested in running please listen to the announcements. Elections will start after spring break. Good luck. If you have any questions feel free to stop by Stapp’s classroom during the last half of 5th block*


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