School News

Softball 2017

Written By Sierra Gundersen

    Your Forest Grove High School softball team has just finished up their preseason games and we’re now one game into league play. The Forest Grove High School softball team is comprised of a majority of upperclassmen along with two freshmen. This year’s roster includes seniors Abby Boozer, Sierra Gundersen, Taylor Peterson, Chandler Young, Savannah Ehly, Jessica Richey, and Morgan Mellor; juniors Emma Calouri, Vanessa Gonzalez, Delaney Aleshire, Kinsey Barnett, and Taylor Richards; and we also have two freshmen on the team this year, Ellie Kintz and Katie Ellington. Among the returners are a number of All-Greater Valley Conference award winners. These award recipients include Gonzalez and Gundersen who both earned First Team All-Greater Valley Conference awards. A Second Team All-Greater Valley Conference award was given to Calouri. Honorable Mentions for the Greater Valley Conference were recognized as Barnett, Boozer, and Aleshire. To go along with being a First Team pick, Gonzalez also earned a standout award in the form of a Second Team All-State award for her efforts in the 2016 season. With so many returners we are likely to be more experienced which will help our efforts in climbing up the latter that is the state playoff rankings. While we have a few new faces on the roster this year, we also have a new head coach at the helm of it all. Katy Brosig is a returning coach but has now stepped into the head coach spot due to the absence of Trevor Tusow. Tusow stepped down after last year and announced his move to another city. Luckily, we had Brosig there to take over and keep things running as smoothly and efficiently as ever. Vallie Takahashi and Lee Wells have also returned to round out the varsity softball coaching staff.

     As our preseason has come to an end we end up with a record of 4-5. We’ve played some top ranked teams so far, including number one ranked Pendleton, and have had some close games that could have easily flipped in our favor had one play gone differently. Our continued hard work and persistence will lead us to rise above the rest in our league games. Four of the other eight teams in our league are ranked among the top twenty teams in the state so it will be a tough battle, but one that I am confident that we can overcome. During the games that we have won so far, we have outscored our opponents 33-5. It has taken us a little while to hit our stride as we have not had much practice time outside due to poor weather conditions, but we are now on the path to success.

     We need all the support we can get so come watch us at any of our numerous home games! All of our games are free of charge so you have no excuse not to go! We have upcoming home games against West Albany, and West Salem on 4/6, and 4/12. Our schedule can also be found on the OSAA website under Forest Grove High School Vikings softball. This is the last season you’ll be able to see seven seniors play in the Viking uniform so don’t miss out!


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