Faris Buehler

Faris Buehler: The Finale

Written By Mitchell Faris and Claire Buehler, both Advocate writers. This is their last contribution to the Advocate 

Dear Faris Buehler,

I’m so sad you are graduating..what was your favorite high school memory?


Emo Student

Dear Emo Student,

It is a very emo time for sure. High school has been a great time for Faris Buehler and overall there has been so many great memories made, almost too many to count. Some great memories have taken place during senior year. Things like senior sunset where we all sat three to a seat and on the floor of buses, the homecoming parade where we all came together as a class and Cluby was crowned homecoming queen, and dances in the cafeterias, have been memories I will never forget, because they are things that really brought the senior class together, and exemplified a typical high school experience. A truly iconic memory for Faris Buehler revolved around tennis season though. Tennis has been an amazing experience throughout high school for Faris Buehler because of how much we have taken away from the experience. We are left with memories that will last us a lifetime, as well as friendships and tennis skills. Not to mention Faris Buehler did win the mixed doubles tournament this year which was a great memory to take away from high school. Throughout these past four years, more memories have been made than can be counted and this journey has been an awesome experience.

Signing off for the last time,

Faris Buehler


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