Cosmetology Club

By Ellie Vilhauer, Feature & Opinion Editor

If you haven’t heard yet, we have a Cosmetology Club at FGHS! This is their first year, with Amelia as the President and Abbi as the VP. After being in charge of makeup for the plays for the last two years, Amelia and Abbi decided to bring the first cosmetology club to our school. We have culinary class to help prepare for culinary school, why not a cosmetology class to help prepare for cosmetology school? Let me say- if I had any extra time on Wednesdays I’d be joining this club. They cover a broad spectrum of cosmetology; from makeup, hair, to even special effects. Club meetings are for teaching and practicing techniques in these areas. So far there have been meetings teaching homecoming hairstyles and smokey eye techniques, with demos from professionals and time for members to practice what they’ve learned. They make it clear that Cosmetology Club is for everyone! Whether you come with a full face of makeup, general knowledge about how to use a curling iron, or zero knowledge about makeup and hair, there will always be a spot for you. With about ten members, this club is super relaxed. If you’re interested, come and stop by! Meetings are Wednesdays in Ms. Dixon’s room at 3:30.


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