Keystone Contributor: Jacqueline Frawley

Written by Jenna Knaupp

Within any extracurricular group, club, activity, or class at our school, you will always find leaders. These people are the glue of the community. They are the individuals who go the extra mile; who put in the most time, work, and effort, all while encouraging others to do the same. Sometimes they are recognized, and sometimes they are not. These spotlights are not necessarily to glorify their achievements, but rather to gain knowledge from their thoughts, insights, and experiences. This edition’s spotlight is Jacqueline Frawley.

Jacqueline is in the orchestra and plays the violin. She is one of the top violinists in her ensemble and recently performed a solo piece during Forest Grove High School’s Fall Concert. Like many musicians, she began studying violin at a young age. Although she admits her main motivation for studying music was to satisfy her mother, her purpose began to change in the 7th grade. Jacqueline suggests that her turning point in music was at a string camp, where she was exposed to more advanced music. She also started receiving private lessons from a fellow musician, Ms. Walden, who encouraged her to continue to develop her talent. “It was more than just ‘oh, my parents are making me do this’. I actually wanted to be there.” Jacqueline followed Ms. Walden’s advice and has since created many fond memories revolving around music. She has also discovered and developed abilities essential to success.

“I think music has taught me a lot of skills that other activities wouldn’t have,” says Frawley. Whether it was preparing for an upcoming concert, or reaching another musical level, Jacqueline has learned to develop a habit of working hard and setting goals. Music has also boosted her self-esteem. “Learning to play an instrument gives me confidence,” she says. Jacqueline clearly exemplifies these strengths and habits. An active participant in Unified Sports, an AP student near the top of her class, and a valued friend; she has truly utilized and developed these skills.

Jacqueline also loves music for the feelings she has experienced through it, and for the friends she has made. “[It’s] really powerful,” she says, “I really enjoy performing with my orchestra after we’ve worked really hard. It is one of the things I enjoy most in life.” This feeling of accomplishment has led Jacqueline to create many more memories of music. Some good, and some bad. “My freshman year,” says Frawley, “we had to go to the orchestra festival against all the Salem schools.” She then went on to say that it was not a good performance, even rather embarrassing. However, Jacqueline believes the music program has changed since then. She says Ms. Nuñez has been a savior, “ [she is] energetic, and excited to be there. I think that’s rubbed off on the students in orchestra.”

Since then, Jacqueline has created better memories. She will never forget these moments: attending Music in May, playing the National Anthem with a small ensemble during an assembly, and performing her solo at her last concert.
Music is an essential part of Jacqueline’s existence. With the hurry of everyday life, Jacqueline believes music is significant because “it’s important to have an artistic side. It’s a good balance.” A “good balance” is what many people are searching for. Jacqueline seems to have found it (through music), and encourages everyone to experience what music has to offer as well.



Jacqueline playing at a recent assembly.



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