The Addams Family: A Review

Written by Lizzie Lohrer

The drama department’s production of The Addams Family opened on November 2nd, after almost two months of rehearsal, and certainly lived up to everybody’s expectations. The musical showcases Morticia and Gomez Addams and their children, Wednesday and Pugsley. The family, known for their dark humor and morbid appearance, must learn to deal with reality when Wednesday announces that she’s getting married to nice, normal Lucas Beineke from Ohio.

The cast featured many strong and talented singers, including Brenna Fitzgearld, who played Morticia Addams and did a wonderful job with numbers such as ‘Secrets’ and ‘Just Around the Corner.’ Pugsley, played by Brennan Grimes, was entertaining as the comic relief of the production. Danny Collins did a fantastic job as Gomez Addams, truly bringing the character’s personality to life. Co-stars Rydin Audett, Heather Monahan, and Jordan DiNocenzo excelled at bringing to life the Beineke family,making them as likable and memorable as the classic Addams family.

Overall, the cast did a spectacular job of bringing the musical to life, and their hard work, commitment, and dedication was evident to everyone watching.


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