School News

The Ask-vocate: School Stress

Q:  Do you have any good study tips for tests?

A: A successful student recognizes that they must study outside of class. Do your homework! Go in after class for a few minutes if you’re not understanding a concept, and finish study guides/reviews at home instead of in class the day before a test. It can be hard to find time for your education once you’re outside of school, but even reviewing notes for a few minutes each night can help a lot.


Q: I still don’t know what I want to be later in life, and I’m afraid my indecisiveness is going to cost me. Any advice?

A: No need to worry! There’s a lot of pressure to know what we want do for the rest of our lives at only 17 or 18 years of age. It’s very unrealistic to expect all of us to be able choose and bind ourselves to hefty college/trade school costs, without even being sure of what we want to do. With that in mind, there is always the option of taking a year off after high school to work, volunteer, and explore every field there is and find out what’s right for you. There is absolutely no penalty for being a freshman in college at 19 or 20 years of age, so you should make the most of your youth and explore!


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