Keystone Contributor: Matthew Anderson

Written by Jenna Knaupp

This edition’s keystone contributor to the music program is Matthew Anderson. (Click here to view our previous edition’s spotlight on Jacqueline Frawley.)

Matthew is a member of two audition-only musical groups at Forest Grove High School: Chorale and Da Capo. Along with his participation in these choirs, he enjoys playing the piano. Sitting at the piano is actually where Matthew’s musical journey began. Like many other beginning musicians, he didn’t particularly enjoy learning to play an instrument. “I was a stubborn little kid”, he laughs. “I did not practice…I’d sit there and I’d try to put these things together…But I clearly could not sight-read”. However, his disinterest in music transformed once he began playing in his middle school band, and continued to develop in high school. Joining choir was “the best elective choice I’ve ever made” Matthew insists. “I’ve always liked music, but choir was a medium of music that I loved. I liked band, and I liked the piano, but I loved choir. Finding something that you like and that you can do is the best feeling ever.”

Clearly, Matthew highly values music. He greatly appreciates the friendships he’s created, and the instructors he’s learned (and continues to) learn from. But what he enjoys most about music is the opportunity that vocalists and instrumentalists have to create their own music. Whether it’s with his voice or a piano, Matthew is fascinated by the composing process. He recognizes the wonders of creation, saying that “The ability to create something that’s beautiful and wonderful is just awesome.” Matthew understands that life may have limitations, but with his musical capabilities, he believes that he can “create these beautiful things that [he] couldn’t otherwise.” The ability to create something original is a blessing that Matthew has gratefully discovered, and wishes to share with everyone around him. All they have to do is open their hearts and ears, and listen.



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