Talent Show 2018 Review

Written by Jenna Knaupp

On May 10th, at 7pm, Forest Grove High School hosted its annual talent show to raise funds for the music program. The evening began with the enthusiastic and talented Matthew Hampton, who excited the crowd with his three outfit changes and excellent lip-syncing abilities all within a stellar drag performance.  Following Hampton, Avery Green made us all sigh over her sweet and emotional ukulele version of “L-O-V-E.” Emily Robles than graced the stage with another emotional performance; dedicating her dance to her mother. Jalie Blix impressed the audience with her pure-toned voice, and Joseph Schneider performed an original song, melancholily titled “Inevitable.” Mickaelle Leitao and Fatima Sanchez Gonzalez than sang a well-known favorite: Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Their soulful performance was followed by accomplished cellist Jude Weston. The rich, silky tones of the cello echoed beautifully through the auditorium. Morganne Peters concluded the first act with a flawless performance of “Oceans,” by Hillsong.

Brenna Fitzgearld, well-known community vocalist, began the second act with Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity,” profoundly singing of the complexity of relationships. Emily Robles then entered the stage again to perform a dance to “Feelin’ Good” with Emily Thursam. Classical pianist Jenna Knaupp shifted the audiences’ mindset into a more contemplative state; speaking of the emotionality in classical music and then performing Debussy’s thought-provoking “Arabesque No. 1.” Talent show veterans Heather Monahan and Lillian Neidiver, along with Katie Schlesser, performed a fresh rendition of “In My Room,” with an impressive solo near the end and exemplary harmonies. Katherine Carcamo sang Billie Eilish’s dramatic song “Lovely,” and “Cheesymash” (consisting of Paden Merrill, Rydin Audett, Jordan Dinocenzo, Joshua King, and Shayne Lowry) closed the night with an enthusiastic and humorous performance of “Closing Time”, by Semisonic.



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