Category: Diversity

Respect Week

Written by Matthew Hampton Respect is something everyone at Forest Grove High School takes very seriously, so much so that we dedicated an entire week to it! The week of March 12-16 […]

Espectray Eekway

Ittenwray ybay Atthewmay Amptonhay Espectray isway omethingsay everyoneway atway Orestfay Ovegray Ighhay Oolschay akestay eryvay eriouslysay, osay uchmay osay atthay eway edicatedday anway entireway eekway otay itway! Ethay eekway ofway Archmay 12-16 […]

Omen’sway Istoryhay Onthmay

Ittenwray ybay Aggiemay Atthay, Ocay Editorway Inway Iefchay Asway Archmay awsdray otay away oseclay, akingtay away omentmay otay eflectray onway Omenway’say Istoryhay Onthmay isway importantway, utbay aymay ebay isdirectedmay. Ettinggay itsway artstay […]